To mobilize, engage and empower minorities through creating networks that will open opportunities, contribute to their sustainable livelihood, health and enable them to create positive identifiable impact in their communities.


GEPA South Sudan is steadfastly committed to the realization of sustainable change in our communities but the key four values remains at the center of our programs:

  • Access
  • Equity
  • Rights
  • Participation for all

Our Guiding Principles

In order for GEPA South Sudan to fully realize her Vision and Mission, all our works are set out in accordance with stated Principles.

Open Communication and Integrity

Inclusion participation requires truthfulness and sharing of honest information and assurance of utmost confidentiality from involved parties. GEPA South Sudan’s programming focuses on openness, honesty and integrity with uncompromisable respect to the rights of privacy of our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Intersectional Feminism

All feminism, to be socially just, must be intersectional. GEPA as an organization rely and apply Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw understanding of the term which is defined as “a lens through which you can see where power comes and collides.” in addressing several local minority group contexts in relation to social justice.

Thematic areas


Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are crucial entitlements relating to women and girls' sexual and reproductive health [1]. These rights address the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases


Climate justice is a concept that addresses the just division, fair sharing, and equitable distribution of the benefits and burdens of climate change and responsibilities to deal with climate change.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is important for a person's dignity, security and opportunity to lead a better life. It has been proven over and over again how important it is to support individuals to feel connected and valued within society

Economic empowerment and advocacy

Economic growth must be the priority for every community. GEPA works with its members, and policymakers to strengthen and cultivate the member’s community development economy.

GEPA South Sudan at a glance

GEPA South Sudan was founded in 2015 with the philosophy of empowering individual beneficiary members to impact and transform the lives of their larger community counterparts. This was facilitated by a team of dedicated senior citizens predominantly women from different walks of life and ethnic groups- with the passion to strive for the inclusion of minority population and bring about sustainable social change. As an indigenous women-led national organization, we are legally registered under the nongovernmental organization act 2016 of the Republic of South Sudan by The Relief & Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) with a registration number 933.
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