Advocating against sexual harassment and labor rights exploitation of women employed in the natural resource extraction industry in south sudan

GEPA secured funding to implement a one-year project under the Economic Security and Justice thematic program for AWDF titled “Advocating against sexual harassment and labour right exploitation on women employed in the natural resource extraction industry of South Sudan-AWDF/GEPA/AWDF/2262/21”-the initiative targeted 500 women and girls from the two counties of Magwi and Kapoeta respectively in Eastern Equatoria state. The project had the following objectives:
  • To advocate for improved women employees’ occupational safety and working conditions in the natural resource extractive sector and to educate industry players on issues of equal pay and ending compensation discrimination.
  • To advocate against sexual violence in these sectors and establish pro-bono legal support service for sexual assault survivors and train pro-women workers’ union/ movements for sustained advocacy.

Advocating for women’s inclusion in natural resource governance in south sudan

GEPA implemented a six months project with support from UAF Africa. The project sought to entrench women’s inclusion in the natural resource governance in South Sudan through the mobilization and documentation of feminist movements voices to provide informed and evidence based advocacy on natural resource governance, and also support  women parliamentarians and women rights activists to spearhead a women-led advocacy and campaign against climate injustices. This project made a positive contribution towards addressing the issue on the proposed and illegal dredging of the Jonglei canal, Naam River, Lake No and Sudd swamp which are tributaries of the River Nile in South Sudan, temporarily, putting at bay the looming threats onto the ecosystem biodiversity that would have highly predisposed the water catchment/ habitat to climate change vulnerabilities.

Advocating for adherence to gender based affirmative action enshrined under revitalized agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan.

GEPA through funds from Urgent Action Fund-Africa implemented a peace building and women rights advocacy project entrenching on the affirmative action adherence by the signatory parties to the revitalized agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan, R-ARCSS. 42 women from SPLM,SPLM-IO,FDs, SSOA, UMBRELLA and Other Political Parties-OPP participated in a workshop aimed at enlightening them on how best they could advocate for the 35% women representation in the executive as stipulated in the revitalized agreement and from this session a gender disparity status and national call for affirmative action whitepaper report was developed; an advocacy tool to be used by the women as well as a resolution was arrived at by the women from across political divide for the formation of national coalition of women league.

Art for Peace

GEPA implemented a five-month project titled “Art for Peace Project” targeting youth from Juba whose capabilities to gain social and economic strength remain wanting. The state of these fluidity stems from the inadequate enforcement of the national youth policy which ideally was designed to maneuver a seamless transition of these youth to adulthood and become agents of change. Through the grant support from the United States Embassy in Juba, GEPA was in position to implement a youth-led peace building project that targeted former youth gangs in Juba to disseminate information on peace and social cohesion using the youth’s favorite music genre of HOP-HOP, Deejaying and painting of peace messaging graffiti as an advocacy tool.